How Our Process is Beneficial

How Our Process is Beneficial for Assisting Taxpayers

Services that provide tax resolution and back taxes assistance are highly advantageous to individuals who have come into problems with paying their taxes. Taxpayers should get connected to our wide assortment of tax services specializing in the numerous different tax problems faced by individuals. To begin the process of finding a solution, individuals are started off with our initial free consultation.


Free consultation. Any individual experiencing difficulties with their taxes is able to receive a no commitment consultation with one of our professional tax resolution specialists. Consultations often last for about thirty minutes to an hour, based upon the difficulty of the current tax situation an individual is faced with. Individuals are asked questions during the consultation about their present tax and financial situation, as a way to settle on the best method of resolution or settlement available. Once a representative is better able to assess the individual’s situation, the person is then provided with information about the different services provided and how they can be beneficial to their current situation. Individuals will also receive an estimate for the cost of receiving further assistance from our team. There is no pressure to make a decision to utilize our professional services.


When you decide to benefit from our services. If you have made the decision to have us assist you in resolving your existing tax problem, a tax team will then be assigned to your case. Each team is made up of different tax specialists, each with different backgrounds. Because the team is diverse, they are able to create effective strategies to approach your current tax situation and guarantee success when dealing with the IRS. Once you are provided with an assigned team, you can sign a document of power of attorney, allowing the team of tax specialists to be in charge of communication with the IRS regarding the tax problem. They will ensure a beneficial tax resolution.


What is the process of tax resolution? The tax resolution process starts by ensuring that all your tax filings are in current observance with the IRS and/or state guidelines. To settle or resolve tax problems, individuals must have all their back taxes current and filed. When this action has been completed, the team of tax specialists then commences locating the best solution for tax settlement, which can include audit assistance, penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, offer in compromise, and a variety of payment plan options. The tax team is tasked with determining the best option for settlement that they believe will be deemed acceptable by the state and/or the IRS. All settlements created by the team ensure that you will not have to pay any more than what you are able to afford. They then handle the process of filing for the settlement option for you. They will always discuss the option they chose first to ensure you agree with it. It needs to be remembered that this process may take time, but that the team of tax professionals will be taking care of all necessary correspondence to guarantee acceptable filing.


Tax Relief. When your filing is recognized by the IRS, you will be considered in good standing as the problems regarding taxes will be removed. You will remain in a positive light as you as you continue to be in compliance with all current and future IRS rules and regulations. Our team also provides advice on how to guarantee a good IRS standing continues and how to prevent another tax problem from occurring in the future.


When selecting the proper tax resolution firm to assist with tax problems, you need to make certain that you are selecting wisely. Our team of dedicated tax professionals is confident that the services presented are beneficial to all. You are welcome to take advantage of the free consultation we provide and discuss your tax problems with a professional tax representative who will assist in exploring options. Choose and receive the necessary information on our services and benefits.

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