When to Use CPA


When you should Use the Services of a CPA to Assist with State or IRS Tax Problems


Hiring a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

CPAs, much the same as enrolled agents and tax attorneys, represent (via power of attorney), counsel, and prepare all tax returns for clients. CPAs are extremely knowledgeable on taxes. To become a CPA, these individuals need to take a comprehensive examination in the state they choose to practice in on tax laws, obtain a college degree, as well as spend time working with a CPA company. It is necessary to be selective when choosing the right CPA. Some may be well verse in IRS tax law and proceedings, while others may never have had to do any dealings with the IRS before.


When you have an unpaid tax debt to the IRS, even if you are unable to pay the full amount, you are expected to provide some kind of payment to the IRS. The IRS, understanding that this may be the scenario for many individuals, has set up other payment methods for these individuals. The methods provided include only having to pay the full amount owed to the IRS in smaller, monthly installments, or providing payment for only a part of what is owed to the IRS and saying that is it. The IRS will work with you in determining you current financial situation, and then offer you the method of payment that they believe to be the best.


Sophisticated accounting knowledge

When it comes to sophisticated accounting issues, CPAs will often demonstrate more knowledge than enrolled agents or tax attorneys. This could mean that they are your best solution in assisting with an audit. It also many mean that they could provide beneficial assistance in preparing complex tax returns.


For filing tax returns or dealing with a state or IRS tax audit, a CPA is your most advantageous choice. However, do not think that other tax professionals cannot be just as helpful. Though CPAs are great with numbers, they are not the first choice when it comes to negotiation skills and being aggressive, whereas tax attorneys can do both when it comes to dealing with the IRS.


Which is the best strategy for you? Find out now.

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