What We Can Do for You

Our customizable and specialty designed programs are developed with you in mind to achieve debt freedom and forgiveness. Our mission is to resolve your debt in the shortest time frame possible in order for you to get back to living your life, worry-free! We will reduce your debt that you owe on your mortgage, credit card, etc. by a massive fraction of the cost that you owe. Our numbers and happy clients do not lie, and the results speak for themselves.

Free debt evaluation

Unlike most of our competitors, we offer a FREE initial debt evaluation by an expert Certified Debt Consultant. By phone, the consultant will discuss with you the debts that you owe and a variety of potential debt relief approaches customized to you in order to meet your debt relief needs. You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get started! If you are interested in this free analysis of your case, please click here and you can request a call in order to begin.

Your Personal Customization

We want to help you succeed in living a life debt-free. Customizing your account tailored to your specific needs is where we shine amongst our competitors. Our Consultants are trained to assist you in developing a program that entails:

  • A program that you can deposit monthly based on your needs at your comfortable chosen amount
  • Allows you to reduce and eliminate your personal debt faster than our competitors
  • Offering sizeable savings instead of minimal payments which will keep you in debt longer

Your Tailored Program

Our expert consultants are ready for you and your needs around the clock. Whether noon, after work or overnight, we are always available to assist you with your account and questions whenever is convenient for you.  Click here to get started with one of our expert consultants!

Build Your Debt Relief Plan

You are in complete control of how much you deposit into your FDIC-Insured Dedicated Account each month. This specialty account is the sure-fire way to your debt freedom! A customized plan is set for you to continue building this account in order to ensure the best settlements to your specific case. In contrast to our competitors, we offer full access to your online accounts that allow you to view, track and edit at the click of a button. This proves there are even more ways we keep you in control of your debt settlement relief.


Negotiation is the most imperative part of the entire debt relief process. You are not a cookie-cutter person with identical debt to the next person. You have your own life, expenses and income. We pride ourselves on being expert negotiators in order to leverage your debt resolutions with your creditors.  Creditors aim to take as much money as possible from you; we simply take a stand and ensure you can pay off the debt you owe for a fraction of what the creditor demands. Our experts help devise a plan specifically for you!  When the time comes to reaching the correct amount of money in your Dedicated Account, our customized plan and negotiations for you begin. We ensure you will feel safe with us in your corner.

Debt Settlement

After our expert negotiators reach an agreement with the creditors, we will communicate directly with you and put you back into the driver’s seat. We will only move forward with your account once we receive your authorization and approval. Our job is to give you the chance to feel the relief of debt settlement, and that is our promise to you.

Debt freedom

Once the entire settlement has been accounted for and paid, you no longer are indebted to any of your creditors. The creditors’ remainders and balances will be zero after they inform the credit rating bureaus of the settlement and entire pay off. You are now debt free and can move forward in your life with ease!

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