Negotiating power

Creditors take us seriously because we’ve been negotiating with them for over a decade, resolving an average of 25,000 accounts a month. We are big players, and use our influence to negotiate bigger savings for you.


Experts on your side

Our team of highly trained debt professionals are your partners every step of the way. Whether or not you enroll in our program, they do whatever they can to empower you to reach your financial goals.



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One low monthly program deposit

You choose the amount and frequency of your deposits and have complete control over the account where they are saved. Absolutely no fees are charged until you see results.

Why We Crush Our Competitors

There are many companies that specialize in the field of debt relief…but none quite like Ooraa! Our company has a proven track record of over $6 billion in debt settlement relief, which easily supersedes that of our competitors. When people experience the harrowing effects of debt, many chose to ignore an attempt at relief. Here at Ooraa, we will provide you with the relief that will allow you peace of mind in your life again! There is no reason to let your outstanding debt hang over your head, and it is our promise to you to provide the most comfortable and efficient means to rid you of the debt that lingers in your life. With Ooraa, our experienced specialists will provide you the assistance each and every step of the way until you reach the ultimate goal: debt relief! Our customizable packages are designed to fit your specific needs to your personal and professional financial situation. Our proven track has been shown to assist the following, but not limited to:

  • Reducing credit card debt from thousands owed to mere hundreds
  • Decreasing and settling personal debts
  • Negotiating and minimizing professional debts

In Excess of $6 Billion of Debts Settled

We have succeeded in hundreds of cases where we have diligently reduced if not fully settled our clients’ debt. Our team of experts have proven their credibility in this field, thus allowing us to become out of reach of our competitors. We offer a one-of-kind, unique approach to settling debt in the most efficient and convenient way possible. We are all busy in our daily lives, but that is no reason to let your responsibilities of your debt lapse. We will help you settle your debt in a fraction of the time of our competitors and for a more reasonable price. We offer customizable programs that are tailored to meet your specific needs and will help you to breath again. The creditors want your money and hope for you to stay in debt in order to accrue more interest to their own benefit. We will negotiate on your behalf with the creditors and settle your debt as quick and as fairly as possible. Credit cards, personal loans and even qualifying business loans are our specialty! Student loans and taxes however are unfortunately not services we provide, but can steer you in the correct direction. We will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

Professionals That Fight for You

Our experts here at Ooraa specialize in specifically-tailored programs that will guide your way through the most convenient path toward your debt settlement relief. However, you are never mandated a specific program; you are in the driver’s seat! Offering customizable approaches to debt relief has never provided more contentment for the person ailing in debt issues. To feel represented and involved is to create peace where there is nothing but chaos. Our professionals will guide you step-by-step whilst mapping out the perfect plan for your situation. We are not interested in pulling extra money from your pockets nor prolonging this seemingly-gruesome process. You possess the freedom to choose your own path with our team of experts guiding you to meet your objectives.

Customized and Flexible Programs, Just for You!

Ooraa specialists represent a company that is more interested in aiding you through the difficult times of your debt situation rather than exploiting your vulnerability and fragile financial state. You are deserving of a debt settlement resolution that is as unique as you! With you in charge of your own financial destiny with an expert on your side, nothing can stop you for attaining the debt settlement relief that you need. For a ONE time, small deposit, we will enroll you into our monthly program that you can monitor from the convenience of your own home and electronic devices. You are in charge of how much money you are willing to deposit into your own personal account per month as well as how often you would like to deposit. We differ from our competitors for we aim to resolve your debt as quickly and efficiently as possible and promise that you will NEVER accrue any fees with your enrollment into our program until you see proven results!

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